The Kirwee Tree House learning programme is centred around the principles, goals and learning outcomes of Te Whāriki, New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. We align our objectives and vision with the Te Whariki mission statement viewing children as…

‘Competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.’

Child playing

To make your child’s introduction to learning and formal education fun and enjoyable, we will use a mixture of structured and play-based learning, incorporating as much nature-based play and child-lead provocations to match their ongoing discoveries. We also strive to nurture imaginative child orientated play and have designed and resourced our centre and outdoor areas to encourage make-believe and fantasy play which challenges their current working theories and learning dispositions.

Our educational resources are open-ended and hands-on for play-based learning, chosen specifically for the differing ages, learning abilities and developmental stages. Most of all our tamariki LOVE the complexity of each resource and the opportunities they provide for group collaboration and individual learning.

Each child’s learning journey will be guided by their natural abilities, interests and curiosities. Our teachers will take time with each child and their parents to understand their personalities, needs, culture and interests to create an individual learning plan which will allow for each child to thrive in their own unique way.

We provide our parents with access to ‘Educa’ a secure web-based tool where you can follow your child’s learning journey ( Educa allows teachers to send photos, videos and updates to parents and caregivers throughout the day too and is an interactive tool which can be shared with extended family and friends should you choose to invite them.


Our mission statement at the Kirwee Tree House is “We strive to empower our tamariki to be resilient life-long learners by nurturing ourselves, each other and the environment through kindness”.